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First in nation, Tile, developed with specially dried domestic red clay and white clay was released

♕What is infrared In the sun we see the invisible ultraviolet and visible light, infrared is. Among these infrared wavelengths, depending on the infrared, middle infrared rays, infrared seconds Micron is divided in four of these wavelengths between 1000-micron infrared electromagnetic radiation is called. Bulriwoomyeo Biology of the survival, growth and life to inject a ray of fermentation, heating, midnight, drying, etc. Different effect.

♕ Effect Far Infrared penetrates deep into the body to avoid the resonance and the resonant effect producing neurons, Bone and joint for the disease, digestive disorders, gynecological disorders, geriatric, there is inhibition of tumor There are theories that the human body for profit, as well as home heating can also Fatigue and promote blood circulation and metabolism, cell life activities of the organization by assisting with Makes clear the mind. The subcutaneous layer of the temperature increase, the expansion of capillaries, the organization’s viability and stimulate production of the enzyme Before and after exercise to relieve stress, growth, aging, skin, lethargy, and improve Always pleasant and healthy condition of the body that are known to maintain.

♕ Features Infrared light, air, and not through the direct action of copying the object to reach By reaching deep inside the body to warm up simdalryeok deep body, or organism Atoms inside molecules and atoms are only resonate with the vibration energy is absorbed molecules That increases the resonance absorption characteristics of the three kinds of attributes are three kinds of two kinds of biological Fundamental principle is to help growth.

♕The difference between porcelain and pottery Include the difference between porcelain and pottery using clay, baking degree and disadvantages, and can lift. Kaolin clay pottery using a pottery and clay is used. Kaolin does not apply the glaze in a bowl made of pottery that are talking about baked, unglazed clay bowl made of glazed and re-treatment and jagira that is baked.

Nation’s first pure domestic mugijilin special drying clay and clay with a developed nation’s first pure domestic mugijilin loess and clay were developed by a special drying daemyungtile launched in earnest. These tiles using a common hwasanjaena all natural products, not ashes Purely functional nature of the minerals extracted from the processed product size, shape, thickness, color and shape consumer wants to have patent pending process to produce the. Launched in earnest. These tiles using a common hwasanjaena all natural products, not ashes Purely functional nature of the minerals extracted from the processed product size, shape, thickness, color and shape consumer wants to have patent pending process to produce the.

White clay, silica and alumina as the main ingredient of the chemical to get high have been used to make refractory bricks. Koryo celadon, birthday and advanced magnetic materials have been used as a chemical reaction that does not cause the clay to high oil absorptive properties and the chemical, Paint, Paper and especially the high purity of the clay used deungedo cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc are used as raw materials.

Clay in the world that our country is famous for excellent quality but, in particular, Kyungnam outstanding quality that most of the white soils have been analyzed. Halo is produced mainly from domestic clay sites, and is used in the paper industry is imported clay kaolrinayiteuyida.

Loess and release large amounts of infrared and can be called vitamin in the air to emit negative ions. I also called loess Inside Karratha packed with live yeast, which is the cause of the aging yeast karataje radicals, reducing lipid peroxidation and to decipher the human body to decompose is beneficial bioactive compounds. Loess in a tablespoon of microorganisms are living in 200 million, in addition to karataje dipenol Oxy di kinase, sakaraje, contains enzymes such as proteases.

Loess particles containing more oxygen is sweet. Therefore, talent and deodorizing cleaning, degreasing is the nature of. Without heating in a common soil and similar heating
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(60 ℃ or more), the far-infrared radiation (5 ㎛ ~ 15 ㎛) by the superior energy curve close to the most beneficial to the human body, a central part of the human body maintains the temperature of 35 ℃ , the facilitation of metabolism by increasing blood flow to the role helps to relieve fatigue.

Daemyungtile the smell and the smell of tobacco is the cause of Sick Building Syndrome, as well as formaldehyde and other toxic organic compounds by adsorption and deodorization always keeps the comfortable indoor environment (120 minute, and then seized 94.3%).

Daemyungtile city absorbs moisture and high humidity and moisture, drying time and the automatic control of emissions to the indoor humidity. And when hot outside to prevent the heat, when cold, as opposed to the warmth radiating to adjust the room temperature. Have antibacterial and toxic mold and other fungi to prevent the formatting, from 95.2 percent of the infrared radiation is high-rate anti-aging, promote blood circulation, stress relief, skin care, neuralgia, lumbago, chronic fatigue should be effective.

After years of research and development daemyungtile all completed, and production began early this year, left the factory in South Gyeongsang Haman net domestic product has been supplying raw materials. Ahteuwol and wall material is being used primarily as consumers desired size, shape, thickness, color, etc. can be processed.