Far-infrared radiation 95% emitting and bacteria killing-wall tile

Hello !!
We are Daemyung Tile Company located in Korea.
We manufacture and supply interior tile constructed by our patent protected technology.
Our tile is eco-friendly and emit far-infrared radiation and repell Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Modern house is comprised of many types of halmful things, like TV(electromagnetic waves),
Sofa(Bacteria), wood(wood preservatives), plastic, kitchen(food smell).
Many countries in the world is worried about radioactive matter and chemical building materials.
The indoor air is not in good condition.
Our product solves these problems and purify indoor air.

Please use eco-friendly Daemyung indoor wall tile in year 2011.
The application is all the places, like hospital, building, bank, hotel, school, restaurant, art hall, house, apartment.
We wish all the people in the world including your family

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We can communicate in English, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese via email.
If you send us an email, we will send strong point of our products and photo of sample projects.

Thank you.

Factory View